Current Projects

My current book project, The Science and Fiction of Antibiosis examines the history and culture of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Excerpts of Antibiosis have appeared in Osiris, the annual journal for the History of Science Society, and in the Palgrave Handbook of Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Literature and Science. 

My most recent short-form publication from the project examines the use of gothic literary allusion in biomedical publications related to virulence and was published in Antibiotics. 

Presently, I am collaborating on the following articles in anticipation of submission by the end of the year. 

Lorenzo Servitje and Elizabeth Hirsch, Why Uncomplicated UTI in Women are so Complicated to Treat,” 2023.

Lorenzo Servitje and Clare Chandler, “A Genealogy of Antimicrobial Stewardship,” 2023.

Lorenzo Servitje, Tom McAndrew, Jessecae Marsh, Kathlyn Bachynski, Chris Cronan, and Martha Lincoln, Ashlee Simon, “What is your Conference’s Epidemiological Footprint: A Case Study of COVID Mitigations for Academic Conferences,” 2023.

Lorenzo Servitje and Elizabeth Hirsch, “They are increasing: The Hidden Pandemic and Literature of Antimicrobial Resistance,” 2022.